The City of Isleton, CA

During the gold rush period of 1849 Isleton was a sea of swaying tules and peat bogs. Chinese immigrants lured to California for gold stayed on to begin a hand labor task of dredging and constructing levees. When the water was pumped out, these islands were formed creating what Isleton residents now call home.

In 1874 Dr. Josiah Poole founded the town and built a wharf the following year, giving Isleton access to the outside world and farming began.

The Chinese settled in the town and were joined by Japanese immigrants. Their original home sites were on Jackson Slough Road, south of the present historical district, but were destroyed by fire in 1915. The town was rebuilt at the present location only to burn again in 1926. It was rebuilt once again, however this time the buildings were constructed with metal exterior siding as a fire precaution.

This unique community continues on today with the restoration of these old buildings, reflecting their original heritage.

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